Welcome to WSOTC

The purpose of this Club shall be to further dog obedience training,
dog obedience trials, agility trials, tracking tests, and other activities
consistent with these purposes.
WSOTC is the only AKC obedience member club in the state.

WatchingObedience Trials
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The A-frameAgility Trials
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Tracking TrialsTracking Tests
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For General Club information: info@wsotc.org

For Membership information: membership@wsotc.org

Next General Membership Meeting

May 16, 2021 over Zoom

Zoom information will be sent to members via email.
Notify Nancy Light at kylahgold@aol.com if you have a guest to invite.

Information on Pilot Program starting April 1, 2021 on Fix N' Go, by John Cox

*The Obedience Seminar for Diane Bauman has been changed from June, 2021 to June 11-12 2022. For information contact Nancy Light at kylahgold@aol.com*

**Diane Bauman seminar June 11-12, 2022**

Flyer will be coming

See Meetings and Events Dates for further information.